Chapter 3088: Nameless Sacred Sword

“No need for words. We will rid Three Immortals of a traitor today.” Divine Moon Progenitor coldly said.

“Fine.” Fire Ancestor nodded without becoming angry: “If you all can kill me, then that will solve my obsession, no need to continue on this torture. Let’s do it then, victory or defeat doesn’t matter. It’s best to stop being in this state, neither human nor ghost.”

Sword Saint, Skysplitter Saber Ancestor, and Divine Moon Progenitor exchanged glances. They then picked one position and slowly circled around Fire Ancestor.

They had to work together in order to stop Fire Ancestor. There’s no chance of winning for any of them in a one-on-one scenario.

The group watched with bated breath - a battle between four progenitors. This should still be brilliant even though all four weren’t at their peak condition.

Fire Ancestor was the most impressive, going one-on-three. No wonder why he was a member of the Decemvirate.

“Clank!” Sword Saint’s sword released its intent.

His style wasn’t majestic and imposing but rather very low-key. However, just one strand was enough to penetrate the reincarnation and karmic cycles.

“Clank!” On the contrary, the saber ancestor’s saber intent was monstrous like a primal beast. It billowed and engulfed the entire world, ready to lacerate and create a scene of hell.

“Buzz.” The divine moon above the third progenitor’s lit up once more.

It looked exactly like the moon in the night sky, bright and perfectly round. It represented a supreme grand dao, as immaculate as can be.

The awakening of this moon illuminated all the firmaments. Various visual phenomena manifested around it - gods and various worlds.

This moon was all-encompassing, capable of storing the entire world and allowing the various cycles to take place.

But upon closer inspection, one would find that the various cycles and the worlds there were frozen. They weren’t actually moving in a natural order, seemingly sealed by the divine moon.

“Poof!” Fire Ancestor’s evil flame lit up again, far brighter than before.

He clearly had recovered some energy lost from using Immortal Blast earlier. The short period of rest did the job, taking him back to seventy to eighty percent power.

“Forgive me for what I’m about to do.” Fire Ancestor smiled.

Despite this being a fight to the death and that he had fallen to the darkness, his actions and words befitted that of a gentleman - quite a strange duality.

One could only imagine how amazing and charismatic he used to be when he was alive. No wonder why so many emperors, Everlastings, and even progenitors were willing to follow him into the expanse.

“Buzz.” He raised his hand engulfed in fire, turning it into a phoenix claw. A metallic and sharp noise resounded.

He slashed straight towards Sword Saint, wanting to dig out his opponent’s heart. The move wasn’t restricted by space and time, instantly appearing before the Sword Saint’s chest.

This happened with a single thought - the claw seemed to be unstoppable and undodgeable, even for someone as powerful as Sword Saint. His slashes wouldn’t be able to stop the sad fate of having his heart pulled out.

The group felt a sharp sting by their heart, feeling as if they were the victims with their bloody heart clawed out. They felt completely powerless regardless of their ultimate techniques and treasures.

Nothing mattered before the phoenix claw. None could ever hope to defeat this claw, no exception.

“Whoosh!” The claw pierced Sword Saint’s skin in no time at all. However, a brilliance instantly engulfed Fire Ancestor.

It came from the divine moon above. Each strand of light looked like a water pillar with a diamond-like glow. It immediately sealed time, resulting in mass stagnation in the area. Even a split second became as long as a million years.

This included the area around Sword Saint. Thus, Fire Ancestor himself couldn’t break through this temporal defense right away, unable to kill Sword Saint.

“Instantaneous Manifestation!” Hui Qingxuan was shocked.

This was a lost technique of Divine Moon Progenitor, also his greatest.

He had spent many years with Fire Ancestor during their expedition and had a great understanding of the latter’s power. Thus, he immediately resorted to his best technique!

Unfortunately, using this move meant paying a great price. His hair withered and white; his skin dried up and became wrinkly.

He didn’t mind wasting the leftover true blood in his corpse in order to perform this move to its limit. Remember, there was no way for them to replenish their true blood. True death would come the moment they run out.

“Nameless Sacred Sword!” Sword Saint also made his move with his blade.

“Whoosh!” The thrust pierced through the fabrics of reality. Distance and time no longer mattered.

This sword could still instantly pierce through someone living a million years in the future away from Three Immortals. It was formless and soundless, rendering evasion an impossibility.

The spectators felt as if the thrust had crossed through all of Three Immortals, pinning it in place. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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