Chapter 3089: Still Invincible

The formless sword broke the myriad dao.

“Pluff!” Everyone could sense it piercing through Fire Ancestor’s body despite its intangible nature, pinning him in place.

Pieces of the phoenix armor broke with blood oozing out. The process was extremely slow, allowing the spectator to have a full view.

Just imagine, harming someone of this level was easier said than done. He was also wearing an indestructible phoenix armor. A sword at the same level as the armor would still find inflicting damages difficult.

However, the thrust still managed to do so - indicative of its power and precision, hitting the ancestor’s weak spot.

His body started falling backward. He would have been blown away if it wasn’t for the temporal stagnation caused by the divine moon.

“Clank!” The saber ancestor swung down his blade during this exchange as well.

The blade became resplendent and poured out the most mystical light in this world - akin to the explosion of a million stars.

The explosion turned into a space-refining slash, severing the primordial chaos itself. Everything became clearly separated - all of the affinities such as yin and yang, cause and effect…

Flesh and limbs would separate as a result. One could clearly sense their flesh being stripped off the bones in a perfect manner - the work of a master butcher.

“Pluff!” It struck Fire Ancestor’s shoulder. One could see the evil flame on the phoenix armor billowed. The armor itself exuded a bright radiance with laws in order to stop the slash. Alas, this was not enough and the blade still made full contact.

All of this happened in the blink of an eye, a million times faster than a lightning bolt. From the start of the phoenix claw to Sword Saint’s thrust to Divine Moon Progenitor’s seal, ending with the saber ancestor’s slash.

The four of them virtually moved in unison, no first or last. On the side of the trio, they came to an agreement the moment Divine Moon Progenitor created his stagnation domain. The three instantly chose to use the most effective moves to take down Fire Ancestor.

The shocked spectators saw everything clearly. No one could stop the fatal blows from these three progenitors.

Just surviving further emboldened Fire Ancestor’s claim to greatness. Only very few could do the same.

“Boom!” The world nearly exploded afterward.

The sacred light from the moon blew up so time started splashing chaotically like a tsunami.

The spectators were blinded by this explosion. Darkness came next and no one could see a thing. Once they could open their eyes again, they witnessed the trio being blown away.

The battlefield had a gigantic void zone, freed from time and space. Only a gray expanse remained.

This wasn’t a return to the origin nor mere destruction. It was as if the affected area had never existed in the first place.

Blood could be seen everywhere on the trio. They have clearly suffered considerable injuries after that explosion.

The spectators turned their attention towards Fire Ancestor. He was holding a cauldron with a flickering evil flame inside.

He bested their fatal techniques, albeit with grave injuries. His chest plate was cracked, clearly pierced through by Sword Saint’s thrust. The actual damage inside remained unclear.

This was the case for his shoulder plate as well, split open by the saber ancestor’s slash.

Nonetheless, the spectating group remained unoptimistic. The trio required their best techniques at the same time to harm Fire Ancestor who was weaponless.

“Phoenix Cauldron!” Holyfrost Emperor shouted.

The group became stirred since Fire Ancestor has finally taken out his weapon. The explosion earlier stemmed from this. It suppressed the three and sent them flying.

They have heard about the legends of this cauldron before. Rumor has it that it was created from a mature phoenix. It accompanied Fire Ancestor, helping him achieve supremacy.

Some even said that any battle would be over the moment he took it out because no one could stop this unbeatable weapon.

Fire Ancestor and Phoenix together - a symbol of invincibility.

The trio’s eyes narrowed after seeing the cauldron.

“Gentlemen, you can’t win.” Fire Ancestor showed no sign of arrogance or complacency as if he was speaking to friends: “If it wasn’t for the unexpected development back then, you all wouldn’t be here right now.”

“You couldn’t escape death either.” Skysplitter Saber Ancestor retorted.

Fire Ancestor fell into silence. He was completely covered in armor so one couldn’t see his expression right now. However, it should be a complicated one.

“No one can escape death.” He eventually sighed and shook his head: “We all did what we thought was right.”

“You have disappointed us.” Divine Moon Progenitor said: “And your master too.”

The spectators became drawn into this conversation. Fire Ancestor’s identity was very mysterious, even more so for his master. Rumor has it that his master was one of the three immortals.

“We’re just chess pieces, that’s all.” Fire Ancestor said: “I have repaid my debt and merely done what I should, that’s all.”

“Don’t drag us together with you.” Divine Moon interrupted him and said: “We have not done anything to be ashamed of. We can stare at heaven and earth along with all living beings with pride. On the other hand, you’re a mass-murderer, the killer of so many brothers who trusted you, who were ready to throw their lives away for you!”

Divine Moon seemed to be very close to Fire Ancestor, unlike the other two progenitors.

This was understandable, Divine Moon chose to follow Fire Ancestor back then, giving the guy his full support. They must have experienced many trials together. Unfortunately, Fire Ancestor decided to take a different path.

“Yes.” Fire Ancestor nodded and calmly replied: “I have let everyone down but if I have a chance to redo it all, I would still make the same choice. You maintain that you’re on the side of justice but I argue that our perspective is different.” Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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