Chapter 3090: Creation Phoenix

Fire Ancestor’s calm response resulted in silence. The trio had nothing to say.

“Let’s end this, it’s time for our obsessions to die and return to the earth, far away from the mortal coil.” He eventually said.

“Die!” The saber ancestor directly answered by taking one step forward for a horizontal slash.

“Clank!” The blade drew near, wanting to decapitate his foe.

The slash was decisive with no take-back. He poured all of his strength into this strike; the saber itself wouldn’t return to the sheath before drawing blood.

Just imagine a progenitor going all out with one slash - the stars and the myriad ages were severed. One side must die as a result.

It carried his indelible and reckless intent. He didn’t put on any defensive line at all, focusing all of his strength into this slash.

“Whoosh!” A sword glint crossed through the air. Though the saber ancestor attacked first, Sword Saint was even faster.

A thrust left behind a permanent scar in the area, crossing through the spatial and temporal fabrics. People could still see the same scar millions of years from now. In fact, careless spectators would be injured just by looking at it.

“Whoosh!” The fatal thrust surpassed everything else in speed and fatality, virtually piercing through Fire Ancestor’s forehead in the blink of an eye.

A murderous saber slash and an extreme sword thrust - this combination should be enough to sweep through any generation.

“Buzz.” The divine moon’s brightness suddenly doubled versus before. Its master, unfortunately, became older with a hunchback now.

In order to seal Fire Ancestor, he had added all of his true blood to the moon. The trio wanted to take him down with this move.

“Buzz.” Time suddenly became a quagmire around Fire Ancestor. Each of his actions became extremely difficult.

The fact that he could even move was impressive enough. Anyone else would turn into a painting, never be able to move again.

This powerful lunar light couldn’t stop the ancestor completely but it did restrict his movements. The incoming sword and saber attacks should be able to connect given his current circumstances.

However, Fire Ancestor remained nonchalant during this moment of life and death.

“Poof!” His cauldron’s evil flame suddenly rushed out with a metallic glow, filled with supreme power.

There was an infusion of something akin to golden mud. What did this mean? It meant that the flame could burn the world into nothingness then instantly rebuild it - an incredible effect.

“Boom!” The river of time started shaking while the area was ravaged by this flame.

The temporal fabrics here evaporated from the temperature. Karma and the various cycles disappeared around Fire Ancestor, allowing him to jump out of this world.

“Screech!” The cauldron spread its wings and turned into a colossal phoenix. Space crumbled around it as a result.

Its wings left behind two trails of golden powders with the ability to create life - a duality of destruction and creation.

The bird seemed to be coming from the primordial era. It was the origin of everything including time, space, and other affinities.

This meant that a new epoch was starting - one belonging to Fire Ancestor. The old one was naturally buried as a result.

“Creation Phoenix…” The group gasped after seeing this. They have heard stories about this frightening legendary move.

After destruction came creation. He personally crafted everything again and became their lord.

“Boom!” After a blinding explosion, everyone saw the trio suffering grievous injuries after being blown away.

Skysplitter Saber Ancestor had the worst injury. He got struck by the bird’s wing on the chest so his ribcage was completely caved in, replaced by a bloody hole. His upper half was in shambles. The fact that he could still stand was amazing enough.

Sword Saint had thousands of lacerations all over caused by the feathers. It was as if he had been cut by a thousand swords. Fortunately, his sword dao put up a good defensive barrier or he would be a pile of meat right now.

Divine Moon Progenitor had the easiest time relative to the other two. However, he coughed out blood continuously, unable to stand up straight just like a flickering candle. He used too much true blood so his corpse was withering. It was only a matter of time now.

The trio had utterly lost despite going all out. Fire Ancestor had enough firepower to sweep through any immortal-level progenitor.

“Dissipate now.” Fire Ancestor once again activated his cauldron, ready to deliver the finishing blow.

“Rumble!” The world let out a sad bellow as a flame looking like an all-devouring beast rushed out of the cauldron. Flame waves ravaged the area like an endless tsunami.

“Clank!” The trio roared and activated their dao again in order to stop the flame. Alas, their barriers seemed feeble against this raging flame.

“It’s not looking good.” The group became aghast and thought that the trio was about to become ashes.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything. Joining in would be the same as meaninglessly throwing their lives away.

“Zheng, zheng, zhang!” Suddenly, one could hear the tunes coming from a zither similar to pearls rolling on a jade tray.

This sonic attack rushed closer and everyone could sense a refreshing presence almost like the sea breeze - a clear contrast to the fiery tsunami.

“Boom!” The two attacks smashed into each other, creating a terrible black hole in the process.

Both the soundwaves and the flame got sucked into the black hole and disappeared from sight. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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