Chapter 3093: Phoenix Imprisoned

“Clank.” Li Qiye slightly moved the iron chain.

Fire Ancestor had a complicated expression because the iron chain carried special significance to him.

“I’m no longer me, that thing is useless now.” He eventually said.

“Really now?” Li Qiye smiled and calmly said: “You’re indeed no longer the Fire Ancestor back then, no longer the hot-blooded youth. However, there is still a part of you in there, otherwise, that guy hidden in Uncrossable Expanse would be standing here instead of you. The replacement hasn’t taken place so you’re still in there.” He then pointed at his heart.

Fire Ancestor didn’t say anything; his eyes still fixated on the iron chain. Meanwhile, everyone watched with bated breath and could see the special connection between the chain and Fire Ancestor.

“Ok, let me cross you over so that the old geezer will owe me one.” Li Qiye moved the chain again and said.

“We’ll see if you can do that.” Fire Ancestor remained calm, seemingly accepting the situation or whatever his fate may be.

“I’m not the one doing it, it’s the old geezer.” Li Qiye smiled.

“All the same. I’ll be able to rest if you can do it.” Fire Ancestor said.

“Poof!” The flame inside Phoenix Cauldron surged again to the sky.

Just one spark was enough to destroy a system. It seemed to be the true fire of the mythical beast, capable of incinerating everything and more.

“Screech!” A phoenix slowly emerged and filled the world with its scorching heat, nearly melting the area in the process.

The spectators retreated far away because this heat was still too much for them. True Emperors still couldn’t withstand it.

“Clank.” Li Qiye threw the chain straight at Fire Ancestor with lightning-fast speed.

It seemed to have its own life the moment it left his hands, no longer needing his control. The chain itself was attacking Fire Ancestor now.

The millions of laws contained the most profound dao and represented an unquestionable supreme will, once awakened.

“Screech!” The phoenix sent out an all-burning flame. Even the laws of heaven and earth here instantly melted before its frightening power.

“Clank!” However, one end of the iron chain instantly coiled around the phoenix and the other end, Fire Ancestor.

“Screech!” The phoenix tried to fly up again but couldn’t move at all. The iron chain’s seal caused its flame to shrink. The temperature gradually decreased.

It pulled Fire Ancestor and the phoenix closer, tying them up together.

“Activate!” Fire Ancestor roared and released an evil flame filled with dark power. A dark expanse appeared on his chest.

The evil flame alone was blinding enough with unbearable heat. However, this dark expanse added even more force to both him and his flame.

“Clank!” The chain was stretched to its limit by this explosion of power, on the verge of breaking at any moment.

“Boom!” This attempt from Fire Ancestor was apocalyptic, to say the least. The shock waves emanating from it could flatten the entire world.

The already crimson chain became as red as can be from the heat, nearly turning into molten metal.

The spectators felt their heart hanging on a thread after seeing this.

“Will the chain break?” Holyfrost worriedly said.

What item could handle Fire Ancestor’s evil flame? Even the toughest immortal metal would eventually turn into liquid. It was only a matter of time.

“Don’t worry, he would have melted it long ago if he could.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Clank!” The laws on the chain became bright. Its brilliance looked like a current consisting of a million stars.

This starry light contained an ancient and peerless force belonging to Three Immortals - virtually unstoppable.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The burning chain immediately tightened, nearly dismembering the ancestor.

His power surge instantly subsided, same with the flame engulfing the sky. This looked like a bonfire running out of firewood.

“Clank!” The chain continued to constrict both the ancestor and his power.

The spectators couldn’t believe it and became speechless at the chain’s effectiveness.

Fire Ancestor was strong enough to take on four progenitors at the same time. However, he couldn’t do a thing against this chain. Just who created this amazing artifact?

“Poof!” The evil flame on the ancestor struggled several times to rise again but eventually extinguished fully.

“Boom!” Next, his phoenix armor shattered from the pressure, revealing his body.

It wasn’t made out of flesh and blood but rather flowing fiery dao runes. It looked like some evil flame was still left in him. This form of his resembled a massive volcano - always ready to erupt.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The two ends of the iron chain suddenly pinned onto the stone steps in front of the palace. It then dragged Fire Ancestor over as if he was a prisoner.

“What is it doing?” The spectators wondered. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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