Chapter 3094: Fire Ancestor’s Ending

“Clank!” The iron chain tightly wrapped around Fire Ancestor with the two ends pinned on the stone steps.

Struggling was futile. This chain seemed to be specifically crafted for the sake of imprisoning him.

“Buzz.” The palace suddenly had waves of light emanating from it. They illuminated the sky vault and made the structure look majestic.

A figure appeared within the light, not large in size but impressive enough to suppress the firmaments and all existences.

He sat there, seemingly for an eternity already. His existence brought endless possibilities as if he was the creator of the world and its laws.

The pulse around him made him look like a true immortal belonging only in the legends. After all, only an immortal could have everlasting life.

Even the progenitors present lowered their head. This figure has yet to exert his dominating aura and suppression but everyone could still sense an immense disparity - something akin to an ant looking up to an elephant and feeling inadequate.

The young ones here suddenly felt an illusion that they were seeing a true immortal, at least from their perspective. This impression has been imprinted in their mind forever.

“Zzz…” Fire Ancestor started burning. Ancient runes emerged from the crevices of his being and imprinted themselves into each inch of his flesh.

This was a bizarre scene since his form was actually made from evil flame already.

“Ah!” He couldn’t help screaming to the horror of the crowd. A being of this level should have indomitable willpower.

He has experienced numerous pains before and probably never screamed until now.

“Pop!” As the runes imprinted themselves on him without showing any mercy, cracks started appearing on his flesh.

“Poof!” The flame around him started to change color, from an evil to a purer color.

Meanwhile, the figure continued to sit there while illuminating the ancestor. This seemed to be a purification process.

“Pop!” From the cracks came strands of light looking like they originated from the primordial chaos, coming from the start of time.

“Noo!” Fire Ancestor bellowed. The appearance of this light caused his evil flame to pull back.

His flame no longer had an evil affinity. It became purer with a golden hue just like the one seen during the rebirth of a phoenix.

Yes, this phoenix flame used to be his original power. It began to grow stronger and larger.

“That’s the real him.” Sword Saint quietly said after seeing the return of the phoenix flame.

The power of darkness was being banished from his being. The evil flame eventually dissipated, leaving behind only the golden flame.

“Ahh!” The completion of this process made the phoenix flame soar towards the horizon.

A wondrous phoenix emerged with supreme dao runes on its back. Each rune was derived from the ultimate dao. It looked capable of shouldering the myriad dao. This bird itself was a series of apex merit laws.

When the phoenix spread its wings, one could see the old form of Fire Ancestor returning. He looked impeccable with a flawless temperament.

This was the true Fire Ancestor, a brilliant talent rare across the ages who possessed matchless charisma.

The others were amazed to see his original form. It was an honor to see a member of the Decemvirate. It’s a shame that he eventually faltered to the darkness.

“Pop!” His body crumbled to pieces and the ancient runes left his body.

They contained the power of a phoenix; each looked like a spark that could melt the earth. This was a primal source of the fire affinity.

They eventually gathered together and flowed towards the figure above the palace. The figure raised his hand and took all the runes into his sleeve. They seemed to be very happy like little birds returning to their nest.

The entire event happened smoothly and in tune with the rhythm of heaven and earth.

The fragments of Fire Ancestor’s body eventually turned into particles and seeped into the earth.

“Buzz.” The light from the palace also disappeared, the same with the figure.

Everything returned to normal as if nothing had happened.

The spectators were naturally awestruck and curious, especially about the figure that had taken Fire Ancestor’s runes away.

They were also curious about this being’s identity, thinking that this might be his master.

Just who could train someone to become a member of the Decemvirate? Plus, according to Fire Ancestor himself, his master was far stronger than him. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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