Chapter 3095: A Rock

Fire Ancestor no longer existed. His final marks in this world have also been erased.

The other progenitors had a complicated expression, especially Divine Moon Progenitor.

Fire Ancestor used to be a great man worthy of respect. Divine Moon even fought together with him.

Who would have thought that they would eventually become enemies, turning their blade on each other?

They have been fighting for many years even after death. Their obsession and grudges remained. Today, Fire Ancestor was finally gone and they didn’t know what to think.

Sword Saint and the saber ancestor sighed and sat back down on their stone chair.

The ancestor embraced his saber again and Sword Saint put down his sword on top of the table. The two of them resumed their original position and looked like two statues.

“How lamentable.” Divine Moon Progenitor said before disappearing as well to an unknown location. His obsession was still free to move wherever.

“Zhang.” Empress Zither plucked the strings once before also disappearing from sight. Only the zither remained floating in the air.

With the disappearance of her dao avatar, the zither broke through space and went its own way. Who knows where it was going? Perhaps to look for its master.

The empress remained an unsolvable puzzle. No one here knew whether she was dead or alive.

The snowy peak seemed peaceful again as the cold breezes returned. Coldness and tranquility made a perfect pair. This place seemed perfect for those looking for reclusion.

Supreme and the others stared at the two progenitors, becoming very sentimental.

These two obsessions would always stay here in order to defend Three Immortals. This was truly worthy of respect.

A while later, the group tidied up their outfit, some took off their hats. All then bowed towards the two progenitors.

“Haha, now we can take that treasure, right?” The bull’s indecent laughter suddenly broke the dignified atmosphere.

Li Qiye chuckled and walked to the front of the palace, looking at its entrance.

“Here I come!” The bull pushed the gates with its large hooves. Unfortunately, nothing moved.

Remember, it had enough force to push mountains out of the way.

“Shit, it’s sealed.” It cursed.

“Obviously.” Li Qiye gave it a look of disdain: “It wouldn’t be here right now if anyone can just waltz in.”

“Haha, the key is right here.” The bull’s eyes lit up as it stared at the chest held by Jing’er.

It was hidden in the boulder that fell on Sky Pass back then - clearly carrying special significance.

“This treasure was found by you, Dao Brother, so you should be the one to open this door and take the item. You’re the only one who can keep it safe as well; the rest of us can’t.” Hui Qingxuan smiled at Li Qiye and said. She couldn’t be clearer with her intention of handing the item inside over to him.

He smiled and opened the chest, taking out two scrolls inside before astonished eyes.

He had already placed one scroll on each of the doors before anyone could react. The scrolls had ancient characters possessing majestic divinity.

They looked like two grand dao hanging on the doors with immense weight. Others would never be able to move them. Now, the physical doors gave the impression of being a peerless portal.

Of course, some were also surprised to see the two scrolls. Everyone assumed that the chest would contain an incredible treasure.

They took a closer look at the scrolls and eventually realized that they were truly precious. The two scrolls represented two supreme grand dao, more profound than any dao they have seen before.

They tried their best to memorize the runes in order to research them after returning home. It was impossible to understand anything in a short period.

“Creak.” The doors automatically opened.

Li Qiye smiled and walked inside. The rest followed right behind after regaining their wits.

The main hall wasn’t large and had perfect lighting with warm sun rays. This made it a very comfortable place to be.

There existed a table with one rock inside, nothing else to the disappointment of the ancestors.

They thought that they would see some immortal artifacts inside, not a single rock.

On the other hand, Li Qiye has been fixated on this rock the moment he got in here, the same with the bull and Hui Qingxuan.

The rock was only the size of an adult fist with a white color and the texture of crystallized salt. It exuded a muddled glow due to the presence of a milky liquid inside.

All in all, pedestrians on a street wouldn’t give this rock a second glance. It just looked too common.

The group thought about it again and felt that this rock should be a big deal. They carefully inspected it and thought that there should be something special.

Sure enough, the crystallized shell seemed to be a barrier capable of containing an entire world. The liquid inside should be all the essences necessary, enough to give birth and strength to all creations and laws.

The muddled light seemed to be the beginning of all things. It was necessary to be the beginning mark of history. Without this light, there would be no river of time.

“So what is it?” The ancestors became more and more intrigued by this rock.

They realized that this was an immortal rock above all else. It’s just that they couldn’t understand it yet.

“Hmm, I think this looks like a fake? The world can’t have something like this.” The bull murmured.

“You’ve seen the real thing, Master?” Liu Yanbai was naturally lost.

“If I did, I wouldn’t be saying that it looks like a fake right now.” The bull laughed and said. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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