Chapter 3096: Ominous Signs

The rock has been left here for so long, for who knows how many millions of years?

The most important question was the age of the rock, not how long it has been here.

One would think that it has been here before the formation of Three Immortals, before the creation of the world, and even before the appearance of all things.

“I feel that this rock is older than our world.” One ancestor murmured after carefully looking at it.

Others shared the same fascinating thought. If this rock was indeed this old, it should contain an unreal energy inside.

Its identity remained a mystery to the ones here but they still knew that it was special in some ways.

“Boom!” Suddenly, all of Sky Ruins quaked and interrupted their speculation.

The spatial fabrics here seemingly became overfilled and started twisting and expanding.

Ten million miles of space expanded in a short time, perhaps even more.

“Rumble!” Explosions accompanied this spatial expansion. It felt as if there was a massive beast awaking. Just one turn of its massive frame could destroy space.

Ascension Pond exuded boundless light and fog into the air during the explosions. The area became filled with an ancient aura. Just one strand was enough to crush the firmament or kill emperors and Everlasting.

“Shit, something bad is happening!” Many were scared out of their mind.

“We need to run now, Ascension Pond is about to explode!” Another shouted.

Numerous cultivators were hanging around Sky Ruins and saw the sudden development. They no longer dared to stick around and immediately ran.

Unfortunately, some weren’t strong enough and became frozen from the pressure stemming from Ascension Pond. They couldn’t get up at all.

“Boom!” The thunderous detonation actually spread to Immortal Lineage.

It was as if a supreme being was awakening in Ascension Pond with enough power to suppress everything. Many realized that they were nothing more than ants despite their cultivation level.

“Something is coming out?” One invincible master’s expression changed as he took a deep breath.

“This is terrible.” Another peerless ancestor gazed sternly at Sky Ruins.

Meanwhile, the people back in the palace heard rustles. Some roof tiles were falling down.

Though the palace was in a different dimension, it was still affected by this invincible power.

“What power is this?” The ancestors inside became afraid.

“An ancient monster is coming back?” Supreme Emperor took a deep breath, aghast.

The bull instantly turned back and exuded two rays from its round eyes. Its expression became serious right away: “Ascension Pond. The overlord there is up and salivating for this thing.” It then turned towards the rock.

Ascension Pond was extremely mysterious and dangerous. Even someone like Desolate Saint returned empty-handed or perhaps even suffered some setbacks. Who could stop this power from obtaining the rock?

“Hahaha, Sir, I’ll leave you with the responsibility of defending this divine rock.” The bull laughed before running away with its disciple.

“Get the hell outta there already!” It crossed through numerous dimensions and its voice echoed back.

Supreme and the others regained their wits and started running too.

“Be careful, Dao Brother.” Hui Qingxuan cautioned Li Qiye before disappearing from sight.

Running away without fighting was normally a shameful choice for cultivators. However, because a powerful senior like the bull ran away so shamelessly, these juniors could afford to run as well. Their expression wasn’t that awkward and embarrassed when running for their lives. This was especially true for the older ancestors.

Li Qiye chuckled and grabbed the rock after seeing this.

Meanwhile, the bull moved with lightning speed out of Sky Ruins. The rest eventually caught up with it.

The moment they got out, the invincible power erupted like the water surging through a broken dam.

They looked back and saw the fog of Ascension Pond covering all of Sky Ruins.

One could faintly see the light emitted from the pond, similar to a lighthouse guiding the way.

Unfortunately, it didn’t give the same calming presence as a lighthouse would. People actually feared the light since it resembled a beast opening its eyes. This light was nothing more than the flash of its eyes.

The fog surrounding Sky Ruins seemed eager to swallow the entire place whole. Just one inhale from this beast was enough to devour all of Three Immortals.

The powerful spectators became petrified while thinking about the potential outcome. Whatever this thing was, it was strong enough to massacre their entire worlds.

“What kind of monster is this?” One ancestor stared at the fog. No one had an answer to this question.

“Boom!” The fog suddenly gathered together into a monstrous palm of incalculable size, surely large enough to crush Immortal Lineage in one blow. Fortunately, it wasn’t aiming at Three Immortals right now.

“Rumble!” The fingers were closing down, resulting in earthquakes in Immortal Lineage. Its sheer size made even the slightest movement capable of affecting the spatial fabrics.

“What is it doing?” The horrified spectators wondered as the palm surrounded the meteor.

Supreme and the others exchanged glances, aware of its goal - clearly wanting the rock inside the palace.

“Will, will His Excellency be alright?” One ancestor became worried. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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