Chapter 3097: Can You Handle This?

The world-grasping palm could render everything to powder with a slight clench. This applied to all of Immortal Lineage.

Supreme Emperor’s group who had just witnessed a fight between progenitors shuddered at this sight. They thought that a progenitor might not be able to escape that palm unscathed.

The power there was beyond their imagination and instilled despair into them. As emperors and Everlastings, they stood at the top of Immortal Lineage. Alas, the palm showed them otherwise. Just one touch from it would make them scatter away with the wind.

Thus, the entire party became worried about Li Qiye with the exception of one being - the bull.

“You all should be worrying about Ascension Pond, hehe…” The bull shrugged and had a gloating smile.

“Boom!” No one could see the situation inside the palm but they felt that the large meteor was in pieces now.

Suffocation struck them with the closing of the palm, thinking that they were victims just like the meteor. They wanted to scream but no sound would come out of their wide-open mouth.

The world became soundless; voices were robbed and courage was taken away.


After the palm closed, Li Qiye found himself standing in the deepest reaches of Ascension Pond.

The pond water engulfed him in a special manner. He didn’t perform any art to avoid water but the water wasn’t making him wet at all.

In front of him was a crystal dao platform. Those who have been here before knew that it was used as an altar.

One just needed to offer their most precious thing in order to make a successful trade here at the altar.

Li Qiye looked at the shiny altar freed from imperfection and smiled, seemingly amused.

“Want to rob me? Quite bold.” He said.

The pond didn’t answer as if he was the only one here.

“Aren’t you the greatest trader?” Li Qiye leisurely said: “Very well, if you can handle my most precious thing, I will give you the rock. If you can’t, I’ll be stating my conditions.”

The crystal altar didn’t answer. However, its light slightly flickered akin to a passing shooting star in the night sky.

Li Qiye placed his palm on the altar. “Buzz.” His chest exuded a faint glow.

As time passed, this glow intensified and became increasingly brighter.

Space trembled as a result. His light seemed to be opening a new era.

After reaching a certain level, space and time became frozen. Everything has been sealed by him.

“Boom!” A majestic force erupted from his chest as a floating heart emerged. All of Immortal Lineage could feel this.

It looked like a resplendent world. No creature could keep their eyes open here, gods or not.

The heart shrouded in radiance had a beat in harmony with heaven and earth. Each beat could break through all barriers in existence while opening a new world.

This was a primordial beat, a song from the start of time, a rhythm leading to true immortality…

Everyone outside of Sky Ruins saw a shocking scene. A sparkling beam soared towards the sky, piercing through all in its path including the massive palm.

“Crack!” The palm instantly crumbled into pieces and the beam disappeared.

Jaws dropped to the ground because this palm should have been untouchable. However, this bright beam managed to piece through it in no time at all.

The inhabitants of Immortal Lineage didn’t know who destroyed the great palm, only Supreme’s group was privy to this information. This told them that Li Qiye was far more monstrous than that palm.

“Crack!” A hair-thin crack appeared on the crystal altar. It was virtually impossible to see but yes, there was indeed a crack.

“Still can’t handle it.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head.

Earlier, Li Qiye placed his peerless and unbeatable dao heart on the altar. Ascension Pond was a place where one could offer their most precious item for whatever else they wanted.

Alas, the pond had nothing worthy to trade for this dao heart, resulting in a clear defeat.

Everyone would be shocked if they were to find out about this.

“Okay, time to talk now?” Li Qiye said.

“Buzz.” The light of the altar gathered together like the stars and turned into a cosmic maelstrom.

Li Qiye showed zero hesitation and walked into this maelstrom. Once he could see again, he found himself in a mysterious dimension.

Wondrous lights flashed in this dimension along with divine images… The place seemed illusory and dreamlike, causing people to think that they were in a dream.

Li Qiye took a quick look around and nonchalantly said: “Not a bad place for hiding. Of course, it’s probably not a good feeling being a cowardly turtle hiding in its shell.” Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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