Chapter 3099: Continent From Uncrossable Expanse

Immortal Lineage trembled in fear after finding out about the battle where Li Qiye annihilated Metalkin War God’s and his legions.

So many experts kept their mouth shut afterward, no daring to comment on Fiercest. Of course, they were doing it with their friends and sect members in secret.

Everyone learned that a third progenitor has come out. This era would become a prosperous one.

“Will this be a time similar to Gao Yang’s?” An expert wondered.

Gao Yang’s generation was considered to be one of the most brilliant in history. Talents came out in waves and eventually became emperors and Everlastings.

Due to this wonderful period, Gao Yang was elevated to a new height. Some considered him to be not only a member of the Decemvirate but also among the top three.

Now, the current generation had Luminous Master, Orchid Sage, and Fiercest.

“A trinity of powers. Yes, this generation will be prosperous but also quite bloody.” One ancestor murmured.

Common wisdom dictated that a mountain can’t have two tigers. War was inevitable between these progenitors.

“That’s only if the sides are balanced. War will definitely come and so many systems will be dragged into this mess. Their people will let out cries of anguish. But, if there’s a clear winner, we’ll have peace.” An Everlasting sighed.

A war between progenitors would be dreadfully destructive. Millions of casualties would be the best-case scenario. Destruction of systems might be the worst.

This had happened before in Immortal Lineage. It was one thing when they exercised restraint. Otherwise, war would rage between many systems.

“Yes, just like Gao Yang back then.” An ancestor added.

Everyone heard the story of Gao Yang’s sudden appearance. He became invincible after becoming a progenitor and directly defeated another progenitor of that same generation - Cloudcrossing Progenitor.

Gao Yang was just too brilliant and powerful. With the defeat of Cloudcrossing Progenitor came the end of the progenitorial war.

“There can only be one Gao Yang.” A different ancestor shook his head and smiled wryly.

Most agreed with this so they thought that the incoming conflict between the progenitors would last for a while.

“Maybe Fiercest can match Gao Yang.” An expert had this opinion.

“You’re underestimating Gao Yang too much.” Another cultivator aware of the history behind this disagreed: “Gao Yang was insane. He went into any forbidden grounds and swept through anyone. That generation far exceeded ours and he still dominated all the same. Fiercest is not on the same level.”

Of course, no one would argue for them being evenly matched. Nonetheless, some started analyzing Fiercest’s strength.

“From what we’ve seen, Fiercest is the strongest, probably thirty-percent stronger than Orchid Sage.” One ancestor said.

“That’s within the realm of possibilities. How about versus Luminous Master?” Many agreed with this point.

“Luminous Master should be stronger because Fiercest is the latest to make his debut. He probably doesn’t have as strong of a foundation because Luminous Master has reached this level a while ago.” One ancestor said.

“I’m not so sure about that. Fiercest has been unstoppable and I haven’t seen him use a weapon yet. In my opinion, he has yet to go all-out. His real strength is probably beyond our imagination, that’s why Orchid Sage is so respectful towards him.” An Everlasting had a bolder conjecture while tilting his head in contemplation.

Thus, after numerous discussions, some believed Fiercest was strongest while others put their money on Luminous Master.

The latter definitely had an advantage for reaching this level first. He had more time to accumulate resources and enlightenment versus the other two.

“Rumble!” Not long after the recent shocking events, explosions came from Uncrossable Expanse again as if a monster was leaving the ocean. This naturally attracted everyone’s attention.

“Boom!” Everyone saw a massive wave forming in Uncrossable Expanse.

The formation of this wave was due to a moving continent piercing through space. It seemed to have crushed numerous dimensions deeper in the expanse and instantly got out.

“Rumble!” Space trembled continuously, unable to withstand the weight of this new landmass.

“Another thing is coming out of there.” Everyone started clamoring in Immortal Lineage.

“What now?” Some naturally became afraid.

First was the meteor, then the ships filled with reanimated undead. Now, a continent?

What was it bringing to Immortal Lineage, hope or despair?

Loud rumbles accompanied this continent wherever it went because of its immense weight.

“It’s massive.” People gasped at this sight.

It didn’t look too fast to the naked eyes but it was naturally traveling at an insane speed.

“Is it going to hit Sky Pass?” An expert became worried.

Sky Pass might not be able to withstand the impact. Even if it could, heavy damages were inevitable.

Fortunately, this continent also only skirted by Sky Pass - a daunting spectacle without any real danger.

The soldiers in Sky Pass heaved a sigh of relief since they weren’t ready for the impact. The cultivators in Immortal Lineage felt the same way. The destruction of the frontier meant the other systems were next.

“What’s on that continent?” This question popped up as the continent flew towards Sky Ruins.

Curiosity still got the best of them. Some decided to give chase.

“No, don’t do it. Have you forgotten about the dead creatures on the ships?” Many were worried.

Alas, a few ancestors confident in their abilities still wanted to climb up there to take a closer look.

Fortunately, they got up there and didn’t meet anything dangerous.

They saw magnificent waterfalls and rivers with numerous tributaries, verdant mountains, and blue clouds…

This was akin to entering an entirely new system since they were met by a pristine and majestic atmosphere.

“An excavated land?” One ancestor became impressed by the scenery ahead.

Systems were refined by progenitors. Many chose to bring a piece of landmass down from space in order to use it as the base of their system. Please go to to read the latest chapters for free
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