Chapter 63 : God of War Formula 1

Chapter 63 : God of War Formula (1)


The three sectional leaders shrieked miserably. The sound of bones breaking into pieces was incomparably hard for these people to hear. Everyone couldn’t help but feel their blood run cold. Without a doubt, the bones in the three sectional leader’s entire bodies were broken under this one kick.

Everyone shivered after they heard the sound of bones being fragmented. Warrior Canopy experts couldn’t even stop one kick from Li Qi Ye; just how frightening was this kick?

“Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique!”

Li Shuang Yan muttered to herself with a shocked expression. At this point, she had become clear on Li Qi Ye’s peerless Immortal Physique. It was one of the twelve, the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique.

The Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique’s heaviness could suffocate Gods and Devils. Once the physique appeared, it could suppress all magical laws. One had to know, to cultivate a peerless Immortal Physique was simply impossible for a mortal body, unless he was in possession of a peerless Immortal Physique Merit Law.

Since the eternal past till now, many Immortal Emperors have created peerless Immortal Physique Merit Laws; however, if it was a mortal body, the chance of success at cultivating an Immortal Physique was still minuscule.

Without a doubt, Li Qi Ye’s Immortal Physique was surely the original form. Reaching grand completion was only a matter of time! The meaning behind this was that Li Qi Ye’s physique merit law was even above an Immortal Emperor physique merit law. To be above an Immortal Emperor merit law; just what kind of physique merit law was this?

As Li Shuang Yan thought up to this point, her expression greatly changed. She knew the implication behind this. The weakness of the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique was that its speed was too slow. However, the Kun Peng was an existence that possessed the fastest speed in this world. Li Qi Ye used the Kun Peng’s Six Variants as his Fate merit law, and this made up for the shortcoming of his Immortal Physique!

The Kun Peng’s Six Variants synergized with the Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique; what kind of frightening existence was this? Li Qi Ye’s body was truly the most domineering and violent weapon in this world!

“Celestial Deities Imprisonment!”

The moment Li Qi Ye had performed a mortal blow on the three sectional leaders, Leng Shi Zhi, who had escaped previously, sneaked an attack on Li Qi Ye. The Thirty Six Celestial Deities Swords formation slashed towards Li Qi Ye with torrential sword auras that destroyed everything in its path; however, Li Qi Ye’s body was just like a Kun Peng, and he escaped the formation in the blink of an eye.

“Kun Peng’s Six Variants, be careful…”

Protector Hu became alarmed, he had seen this merit law before. Out of everyone in the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, there was only the first elder that had practiced this law; this was the strongest Emperor merit law in the sect.

Li Qi Ye’s speed was too swift while Leng Shi Zhi was too slow to avoid, two cold auras flashed, a “Phoosh” sound rang, and the two Invisible Dual Blades pinned his body into the ground!

He was still wearing the godly armor on his body. One had to know, the godly armor on his body was crafted from Godly Gold metal; however, under the Invisible Dual Blades, his godly armor was like a thin piece of paper that was suddenly nailed to the ground!


With his body nailed to the ground, Leng Shi Zhi miserably bellowed.

“You couldn’t even understand one tenth of the sword formation’s profound truth, yet you still wanted to trap me?”

Li Qi Ye smiled insipidly with a severe gaze that showed he wanted to cut Leng Shi Zhi.


In the blink of an eye, a gust of wind rushed forward with blood energy blazing chaotically like a storm. Suddenly, Protector Hu made a move and snuck an attack behind Li Qi Ye. He wanted to pierce through Li Qi Ye’s chest with one move.

However, this one move was stopped by a single palm. Protector Hu had to take a few steps back.

The person who stopped this blow for Li Qi Ye was not Li Shuang Yan, but it was Tu Bu Yu, who was always wearing an amicable smile. Unknownst to all, second brother Tu Bu Yu had already stood to the side.

“Protector Hu, as a protector, sneaking an attack on a disciple can’t be considered part of the rules.”

No matter the occasion, Tu Bu Yu’s smile was always present.


Protector Hu let out a deafening roar. He didn’t want to waste any words and he let out a long roar. He opened his mouth and spat out a pagoda. The appearance of this pagoda exuded an unending and boundless killing aura. The sound of the ghosts that continuously wailed tortured the ears as if one was in hell.

The pagoda’s appearance caused each magical law to descend. A loud “Bang” sound occurred; this caused endless magical laws to transform into a humongous whirlpool. Within this whirlpool, completed runes were absorbed and spat out as the incomplete runes interweaved with each other into a composition. Once this composition appeared, it felt like it could annihilate all existences and swallow their souls.

In the end, Protector Hu was a Heaven’s Primal expert. This was the defining boundary for cultivators. Once a Heaven’s Primal expert made a move, a strong and unyielding aura immediately would come to be.

“Protector Hu’s Suppressing Evil Physique isn’t bad.”

Tu Bu Yu wore his smile again and suddenly emanated sword vibrations. In a flash, his entire body brought in and sent out the Sword’s Spirit with his whole body that became a Sword Domain. Tu Bu Yu flew inside the Sword’s Spirit – into the sky like a proud God of War.


One sword slayed the whole nine worlds! One sword struck down! The universe’s light came to an end! Under one sword, the entirety of Heaven and Earth were completely swept away! Tu Bu Yu’s hand was not carrying a sword, but his Sword Spirit encompassed the whole of the Heavens and the Earth.

“Formula of the God of War!”

Seeing Tu Bu Yu’s move, Li Qi Ye beamingly smiled. His expression became serious, and his eyes stared straight at Tu Bu Yu.

In reality, the moment when Tu Bu Yu’s God of War Formula came out, Li Shuang Yan was also shocked. She had suddenly remembered a legend regarding the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

Protector Hu cultivated the Suppressing Evil Physique. One could say that this was a powerful Heavenly King method! Even though the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had fallen, and their Emperor laws were gone; as an Immortal Emperor Sect that had ruled over an ancient kingdom for millions of years, they still possessed many Ancient Saint, Heavenly Monarch, and Virtuous Paragon methods! These were also the powerful heritages of the sect, and, even though they unfortunately had the methods, the Cleansing Incense Ancient sect lacked the inheritors!

The scenario of the God of War Formula that faced the Suppressing Evil Physique was not in the least suspenseful. In reality, Tu Bu Yu’s cultivation was not shallow either.

One “Bang” sounded. Tu Bu Yu didn’t have a physical sword, but once the God of War Formula was activated, the pagoda of Protector Hu couldn’t stop it. The suppressed pagoda was struck away by the spiritual sword, and Protector Hu wasn’t able to stabilize it. He was knocked away by the powerful sword’s spirit while he also violently sprayed a mouthful of fresh blood.

In a flash, Li Qi Ye disappeared. With his body like a Kun Peng, the heavenly transformation came into display – with shockingly absolute speed! The moment Protector Hu fell down from the sky, Li Qi Ye instantly appeared in front of him.

In this quick moment, Li Qi Ye’s single kick ruthlessly struck downward like a whip. Protector Hu was already gravely wounded and was falling down from the sky; with Li Qi Ye suddenly making a move, he had no chance to escape, nor could he activate his Life Treasure. Li Qi Ye was too quick.

At this moment, Protector Hu raised his two hands like a heavenly king erecting a pagoda; he only wanted to stop the one kick of Li Qi Ye from thrashing down.


The sound of bones being broken rang out. Without any doubt, the technique essentially couldn’t stop this single kick from Li Qi Ye. A pitiful “Ahh” sound was soon heard. Li Qi Ye’s kick ruthlessly struck Protector Hu’s body, and the crackling sound of bones breaking sounded endlessly in the air.


The moment they fell to the ground, the earth trembled. Protector Hu’s body was hammered by Li Qi Ye on top of the earth; at this moment, there was no saving Protector Hu. His whole body was deformed and had nearly become a fleshy paste.

The Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique: the supreme physique! Once the grand completion stage was reached, it was enough to make the Gods and Devils tremble in fear. The physical body alone was enough to crush the galaxy and suppress the heavenly skies!

Even though Li Qi Ye’s body had not reached grand completion, the weight of his body could be calculated in the millions of Jun.

Protector Hu was extremely unlucky; he was a Heaven’s Primal expert, yet still died in the hands of a Yun Physique disciple. No one could ever have the same misfortune as him.

Even if Li Qi Ye had the supreme physique, it wouldn’t have been this easy for him to kill Protector Hu. It was a shame that Protector Hu had also met the mysterious Tu Bu Yu. Tu Bu Yu’s move caused him to be mortally wounded, and, facing Li Qi Ye in addition, he didn’t have the strength for another fight. It would even be considered strange if he survived.

“Why the need to go this far.”

Tu Bu Yu shook his head smilingly after seeing Li Qi Ye kill Protector Hu. Still, he didn’t try to stop Li Qi Ye.

At this point, no matter if it was Luo Feng Hua or a different disciple from the Cleansing Jade Peak, their hearts shivered. Even though Li Qi Ye normally disciplined them to the point of bloodiness, they had never seen Li Qi Ye radiate such terrible killing intent before.

However, Li Qi Ye’s first move was killing all three sectional leaders and a protector. This vicious method was completely incongruous with a supposed thirteen year old boy.

Killing Protector Hu had no impact on Li Qi Ye. Li Qi Ye walked in front of Leng Shi Zhi, who was nailed down to the ground with fresh blood all over the place.

Even now, Leng Shi Zhi was still confused. He was a Warrior Canopy expert, so why did he lose to a new disciple that had only joined for less than one year? Li Qi Ye’s cultivation was obviously far below him, but he was, on the contrary, no match for Li Qi Ye!

In many cases, with a lower cultivation rank, merit laws alone weren’t enough to fill the gap. Even if he was practicing an Emperor merit law, there was no chance to be at the Yun Physique rank; yet, to still be able to defeat someone at the Warrior Canopy rank…

Even then, Li Qi Ye was Li Qi Ye; other cultivators couldn’t be compared to him. He understood the ultimate Dao truths of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants!

“The sword formation was not bad; if you could have understood three parts, then maybe you could have actually trapped me. Unfortunately, you couldn’t even understand one part, yet you dared to be arrogant in front of me. I can only say, you were courting death!”

Li Qi Ye looked at Leng Shi Zhi, and was smiling and talking at the same time.

“You, don’t be rash. I, I, my master is an elder, yo-you, you…”

At this moment, Leng Shi Zhi’s courage was completely broken. He didn’t think of such a result as this. Shouldn’t it have been as easy as turning one’s hand for three sectional leaders and his older brother to kill a disciple like Li Qi Ye?

“I know…”

Leng Shi Zhi hadn’t finished his words when a “Snap” sound rang out. Li Qi Ye twisted his skull, with Leng Shi Zhi not even having a chance to scream.

“Even if your master was a Mortal Emperor, I would still kill him without mercy.”

Li Qi Ye threw Leng Shi Zhi’s head to one side, then rubbed both of his palms together in a carefree and calm manner like nothing had happened.

At this point, the Cleansing Jade Peak disciple’s legs became weak. In their eyes, Li Qi Ye was a death god that killed three sectional leaders and a protector as well as slaying Leng Shi Zhi in one breath; and, while doing so, his expression didn’t change even once. One had to know, killing a sectional leader or a protector called for the death penalty in violation of the sectorial laws! To Li Qi Ye though, this matter was seemingly meaningless!

“Do you want me to personally take you out of the Cleansing Jade Peak or not?”

Li Qi Ye brilliantly smiled at the group of law enforcement disciples; his expression was both amicable and adorable.

Seeing the amicable and cute countenance of Li Qi Ye, the legs of these disciples greatly trembled. How was he merely a thirteen or fourteen year old boy? Li Qi Ye was clearly an evil butcher! Li Qi Ye didn’t need to say a second sentence before these disciples immediately rushed out of the Cleansing Jade Peak.
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