Chapter 81 : Mortal King’s Might 1

Chapter 81 : Mortal King’s Might (1)

“His Majesty the Mortal King is truly terrifying…”

Seeing the word “Amnesty”, the cultivators from afar changed their expressions; they murmured:

“His Majesty the Mortal King is truly unfathomable.”

With just the word “Amnesty”, it was able to suppress Royal Nobles. One could only imagine how frightening the Mortal King of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom would be! As for the other people from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, they couldn’t help but to take in a deep breath.

“Gu Tie Shou, the Imperial Decree of His Majesty is right here; release them right now!”

Zi Shan Hou gravely said. His hand held the Imperial Decree with its compelling momentum, causing others to run short of breath.

Gu Tie Shou looked at the word “Amnesty”, shook his head, and he said:

“Dong Sheng Long and Lie Zhan Hou wanted to destroy my Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Even the Mortal King’s Imperial Decree wouldn’t do! Execute!”

Gu Tie Shou’s words changed Zi Shan Hou’s expression greatly, and he seriously yelled:

“Gu Tie Shou, don’t make this mistake! Defying the Immortal Decree, this would bring about a calamity that would drown your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”


Gu Tie Shou ignored him, and he exclaimed.


Meeting Gu Tie Shou’s strong resolve, Zi Shan Hou shouted with an ugly expression. At this moment, he couldn’t do anything but make concessions. If he didn’t bring back Dong Sheng Long and Lie Zhan Hou, then, not only would he be unsuccessful with his mission, the prestige of the Mortal King would also be provoked.

“Gu Tie Shou, let me bring Dong Sheng Long and Lie Zhan Hou away. The day the Evil Infested Ridge opens, there will be a quota for your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.”

At this time, Zi Shan Hou made a concession, and he seriously spoke.

Hearing Zi Shan Hou’s words, Gu Tie Shou couldn’t help but pause for a little bit. The Evil Infested Ridge, to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, was truly too important.

He couldn’t help but to look over at Li Qi Ye. Li Qi Ye smiled, and he said:

“The Evil Infested Ridge originally was a territory of our sect; why would we need the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom’s reward?! Execute!”

Li Qi Ye’s words angered Zi Shan Hou till his body started trembling. He raised the Imperial Decree in his hand, and he shouted:

“Junior, you should know the severity of this situation. The Imperial Decree is here! If you were to breach this decree, then all of the sects within the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom will encircle and annihilate your sect!”

“It’s just a piece of torn paper, yet you still dare to act powerful and prestigious in front of my presence?!”

Li Qi Ye narrowed his eyes. Finished with his words, his five fingers started to pull on the zither at his chest.


The moment the zither’s sound came about, from inside the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, a sword energy immediately flew forward. The moment the sword blade swept downward, one could only see the Imperial Decree be crushed and the word “Amnesty” split in half.

Everyone held their breaths at this moment. Cutting the Imperial Decree of the Mortal King, this was provoking his authority.

When the word “Amnesty” was cut in half, a “Dum” sound occurred; just like a golden godly law, the decree combined together again. The word “Amnesty” suddenly radiated a terrible light. In the blink of an eye, a majestic figure appeared from this light. The moment of his inception, his royal pressure was like a tsunami; it was like a flood of pressure was rushing and wailing forward directly to the grand earth.

Under the suppression of the royal pressure, even Gu Tie Shou had to take several heavy steps back.

“The Mortal King’s will…”

Seeing the majestic figure emerging from the light, cultivators in the far distance couldn’t help but to burst into cries.

The majestic figure suddenly opened his eyes. It was as if this pair of eyes were real. Soaking in the sun and the moon with a rotating galaxy within them, it caused others to tremblingly prostrate on the ground.

“Provoking the royal honor, behead!”

The figure had just opened his mouth, and the thunders rang in the air. When the words have not yet come out, his huge hand had already struck down, and the power of the one slash wanted to directly destroy Li Qi Ye. This slash was extremely matchless; under this slash, even the moon illuminating the sky would fall and sweep across all Royal Nobles.

At this moment, Gu Tie Shou’s colors were shaken. Even Li Shuang Yan wanting to save Li Qi Ye was powerless.


Li Qi Ye’s gaze became serious as he coldly yelled, without making any other action.

Under this fiery and thunderous slash, a loud “boom” filled the air. At this second, many Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s disciples couldn’t bear to look because they all thought that Li Qi Ye would suffer a horrible death.

However, the moment the slash was about to kill Li Qi Ye, a gigantic hand from the heavenly sky came about. A huge explosion happened, and this gigantic hand shattered the shadowy figure. The will of the Mortal King bellowed, and a strand of universal law wanted to escape from the gigantic hand; however, this gigantic hand grinded it with pressure and immediately crushed it. The figure of the Mortal King became scattered ashes and dispersed like smoke.

Everything happened so fast, so no one clearly saw where this gigantic hand came from.

During all of these occurrences, in the martial ground of the far Nine Saint Demon Gate, there was a stone statue raising his stone hand. This one hand stretched across the heavens and earths, directly to the end of the sky; no one knew where this hand was going!

This stone hand, from the Nine Saint Demon Gate, flying from millions of miles away, easily destroyed the Mortal King’s will. Even if the Mortal King’s will could suppress Royal Nobles, under this gigantic hand, it was just a meaningless insect.

Seeing the stone hand appear then suddenly disappear, Li Shuang Yan – standing next to Li Qi Ye – was shocked. Others didn’t know what this gigantic hand was, but she knew!

A stone hand, trespassing through the world from the Nine Saint Demon Gate, reached out, and it easily destroyed the Mortal King’s will – how frightening was this!

Li Shuang Yan had heard her master say that the four stone statues were the Heavenly Protectors of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, but she essentially didn’t know how powerful these stones statues, dubbed as the Heavenly Protectors, were.

Today, she finally found out the terrifying power of the four stone statues. And, she also understood why her master had acquiesced against Li Qi Ye that day. Demon Kings or Mortal Kings, they were nothing! Under the hand of the four Heavenly Protectors, they would easily be crushed!

At this moment, not only the cultivators watching from afar, but all of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect were in a daze. Zi Shan Hou lost his wits from the shock!

The Mortal King’s will frightened others so, but it was easily destroyed – who on earth did this?!

“Only a Mortal King? Even a Mortal Emperor still wouldn’t reach the apex.”

Regarding this event, Li Qi Ye essentially didn’t put it in his mind, and he said with such a calm manner!


At this moment, Li Qi Ye said his command.


Dong Sheng Long and Lie Zhan Hou, at the moment of death, couldn’t help but to let out a loud cry. They didn’t think that today, even the Mortal King wouldn’t be able to save them!

The disciples of the sect regained their wits, and execution blades were raised, then fallen, beheading Dong Sheng Long and Lie Zhan Hou; their heads rolled farther and farther.

In the end, the heads of Dong Sheng Long and Lie Zhan Hou were neatly placed in wooden boxes by the disciples, and, under the command of Li Qi Ye, were brought to the front of Zi Shan Hou.

“I’ll leave you with one message for you to deliver to the Heavenly God Sect: whoever blocks my path, I kill without mercy!”

Li Qi Ye simply glanced at Zi Shan Hou, and he calmly said this. As he was finished speaking, he turned around and left!

Zi Shan Hou’s expression was extremely ugly, but, at this moment, he didn’t dare to be reckless. He took the heads of Dong Sheng Long and Lie Zhan Hou, and then he left in a hurry!

The moment the gigantic hand destroyed the Mortal King’s will, in the Imperial City, a stalwart and domineering man suddenly trembled, and he let out a roar. His two eyes absorbed heavenly flames, and they suddenly opened. He then stood up.

The expression of the man was shocked. Standing on the high platform, he was gazing at the far distance; it was as if he was directly looking at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. At this moment, his demeanor became dignified. As the Mortal King, he used to divide and repress his royal subjects; however, today, his heart was in distraught, and his mind was in distress.

The man stood there with a pale expression, and he was without words for a long time. To someone with great talents like him, who had swept through the Heavenly Jewel territories, today, his Mortal King’s will was easily destroyed without the slightest resistance. To him, this was not only a great shame, but also an extremely harmful matter!

“Invite the Ancestor…”

Finally, the man gravely spoke, and he sent a messenger towards the ancestral ground of the Heavenly God Sect for guidance! To him, this matter was too shocking.

A stone hand crossed over the world, and it destroyed the Mortal King’s will; inside the Nine Saint Demon Gate, there were disciples reporting to Demon King Lun Ri. Receiving the report, his expression was also shaken.

Inside the Nine Saint Demon Gate, Demon King Lun Ri summoned all of the elders. Within the secret room, the atmosphere became heavy.

“The news confirmed that one hand from our stone statue crossed through the world, and it destroyed the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom’s Mortal King’s will!”

Even though Demon King Lun Ri didn’t show his face, his voice was still ringing in the secret room.

The Nine Saint Demon Gate’s information gathering was extremely swift; they found out in the shortest amount of time.

Such an event caused the elders to gaze at each other. This was not only too sudden, but it was also out of the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s control.

“It was definitely Li Qi Ye activating the Heavenly Protectors.”

An elder gravely said. This was something that couldn’t be questioned; it was described vividly.

Even the entire Nine Saint Demon Gate didn’t have anyone who could activate the four Heavenly Protectors; only Li Qi Ye could do it! Besides Li Qi Ye, who else could it be?

The moment of silence was broken by an elder:

“Our Nine Saint Demon Gate and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect are separated by millions of miles, and we’re not inside the same country. This one hand of the Heavenly Protectors was able to cross the heavens and earths, and it easily destroyed the Mortal King’s will!”

Here, the elder paused for a moment, and he continued:

“Exactly how powerful are they?”

Regarding this matter, the elder’s hearts quaked, and they stared at each other. This was a test for them. From the past till now, the Nine Saint Demon Gate had never heard of their Heavenly Protectors making a move. In reality, before Li Qi Ye came, the elders didn’t even know about the existences of the Heavenly Protectors.

Traveling across the world and destroying the Mortal King’s will; this was an unbelievably sky shattering matter!

“It is time for us to take action.”

The moment the elders were in quiet contemplation, the voice of Demon King Lun Ri appeared, and he slowly said:

“The conflict between the Heavenly God Sect and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect needs to be reconciled.”

Hearing the Demon King’s words, the elders were surprised; one of them couldn’t help but say:

“Your Majesty, the Heavenly God Sect and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect are mortal enemies. The Heavenly God Sect’s will to destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect has never ended. If we interfere, I’m afraid we would become enemies with the Heavenly God Sect.”
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