Chapter 878: Gathering Of Heroes

Chapter 878: Gathering Of Heroes

Ye Qingcheng challenged Li Qiye once more. His voice reverberated across the entire city, causing many listeners to hold their breaths.

Some were anxious to watch the great battle between these two. Ye Qingcheng was the current number one, someone considered to be unbeatable among the younger generation. Even some from the previous generation would retreat before him.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye’s fame was at its zenith; he seemed to be untouchable as well. Shaking the Alchemy Kingdom, destroying three sects, massacring a legion, and slaying Golden Crow… Any of these battle records would be enough to shock the world. In a sense, his fame had even exceeded both Ye Qingcheng’s and Mei Aonan’s.

It was a battle between the current number one and the newly risen Fiercest. This would definitely be a monumental battle in this generation.

“Li Qiye, where are you? Come out and fight.” Ye Qingcheng challenged Li Qiye again. His profound glare and oppressive aura caused the area to fluctuate. He was in control of the entire city at this point as he stood above the master mansion, seeming to be one with the area!

This was his peak condition. Not to mention commoners, even gods and devils would give way before him. Perhaps even paragons wouldn’t want to provoke him in this situation!

“Bah, only a little pebble, acting all arrogant my ass.” A voice filled with disdain came in response to this challenge.

Many people were stunned after hearing these words since no one in the younger generation would dare to mock Ye Qingcheng like this.

They followed the voice and saw two girls entering the city. Both were charming beauties with endless grace. They would be the center of attention no matter where they went.

“The Jian Clan’s golden daughter.” The majority recognized one of the two girls, but very few knew the identity of the other.

It was Long Jingxian and Jian Wushuang who had just arrived. The speaker was naturally the more playful Long Jingxian.

Both were very arrogant, but their styles were completely different. Jian Wushuang didn’t bother looking at anyone. In her eyes, everyone was the same. Meanwhile, Long Jingxian especially looked down on geniuses since they were not worth mentioning to her.

Very few knew Long Jingxian’s origin and were at a loss for words after seeing her disdainful speech towards Ye Qingcheng. However, a lot of the people here had witnessed her destroying the grand formation of the Celestial Array School so they didn’t dare to underestimate her.

Ye Qingcheng’s profound eyes fell onto the girls. He gently shook his head and said: “Both of you ladies can be considered supreme, but you shouldn’t oppose me!”

“What’s the big deal!” Jian Wushuang snorted with her always arrogant attitude. She would dare to fight even against Ye Qingcheng!

“That’s right, hahaha, you’re no big deal.” Long Jingxian smiled playfully: “Aren’t you just a little rock that experienced the cultivation of countless paragons and God-Monarchs? You actually think that the Heaven’s Will belongs to you. I suppose a useless pebble can still become a genius after being given so much from the wise!”

Her words were stinging and showed no consideration towards him. This girl was truly arrogant; very few people could get into her sight.

Many people glanced at each other due to her blustering nature. This girl was way too overbearing.

“If you two wish to oppose me, then very well, I’ll take you both on at the same time.” Ye Qingcheng smiled freely, full of confidence and arrogance.

“No need for both of us!” Jian Wushuang snorted and instantly unleashed an arrow that streaked through the sky at lightning speed straight for Ye Qingcheng’s throat. The velocity of her arrow was too swift for the eyes to perceive.

However, Ye Qingcheng simply swung his sleeve at this lightning-fast arrow, creating an elemental shift in the air. The arrow was forced to change directions and headed back straight for Jian Wushuang’s throat instead.

“Pop!” Jian Wushuang’s second arrow quickly knocked the first one down to the ground.

Jian Wushuang stepped forward in the sky and coldly glared at Ye Qingcheng. With the Nine Words True Bow in her hand, she uttered: “What’s so special about the arts of myriad saints? I don’t even care for your Immortal Emperor Shi Feng’s laws!”

At the same time, the bow in her hand lit up as laws began to emerge.

Many people were anticipating this moment. So far, Jian Wushuang had beaten the Golden Crow Prince, so now they wanted to see if she could also challenge the current number one genius.

“Haha, the people from the Jian Clan have become more and more overbearing. Do you think the world belongs to your clan?” A deep and cold voice sounded like a hammer striking everyone’s hearts, causing them to be alarmed.

A group arrived with great blood energy while emitting a suffocating imperial aura.

Ye Qingcheng chuckled and told Jian Wushuang: “It seems like Miss Jian won’t even have the chance to challenge me. I’m afraid your enemies will not spare you.”

The leader of the group was an extremely old man. However, his body emitted a sacred ring with a halo behind his head. Although he was aged with dried up blood energy, the halo behind him was blindingly bright as if his physical flesh had reached a saint-like level.

It was clear from their blood energies that each of the members in this group was quite powerful. There were four old men among them who emitted the aura of Virtuous Paragons! The leading old man with the halo was the strongest among them.

“People from the Crystallized Sea Sect.” An expert noticed this group, causing his heart to skip a beat. He was especially shocked when he stared at the old man with the halo. Although he couldn’t see his true cultivation, he could still guess: “Is that an eternal existence?”

“Not just an eternal existence, this is the strongest type of eternal existence, someone who is capable of forming his own country or entering the divine investiture list, a Dao Paragon!” An ancestor from a great power recognized this old man and quivered as he spoke.

Everyone was startled after hearing this. A Dao Paragon was only one step below God-Monarch. One from an imperial lineage was absolutely frightening!

Above ordinary paragons were those on the path of the grand era and path of the heavens. The path of the grand era had eight levels: Virtuous Lord, Virtuous King, Virtuous Saint, Virtuous Forefather, Spirit Paragon, Dao Paragon, Virtuous God, and Virtuous Ancestor! 1

“Crystallized Sea Prime Saint.” Another ancestor murmured: “What is the sect trying to do? They summoned four paragons who had never come out before, including even their prime saint!”

At this moment, more than one thousand experts from the sect suddenly emerged from Bi’an City. The startled masses felt an ominous foreboding.

Prior to this, no one of the older generation from an imperial lineage had come to the beastworld. Although no one understood the hesitation, they were secretly glad. The absence of imperial lineages only gave them more opportunities.

But now, the Crystallized Sea Sect that had remained quiet came out of nowhere and even brought more than one thousand experts and four paragons. This made the crowd understand that something was amiss.

“Little girl…” The prime saint stared at Jian Wushuang for a bit before speaking: “Your Jian Clan does not know how to teach its descendants, so I’ll do it for them.”

No one else dared to interrupt a Dao Paragon’s speech; they even ran far away before the sentence was finished. Characters of the ancestor level also quivered and understood that the sea sect came for revenge.

The Diamond God, a great paragon, died in the hands of Jian Wushuang, a mere junior. This was extremely humiliating to the sea sect, so how could they let this go?

“Since when does someone from our Jian Clan need to be taught by your sea sect? Who the hell do you think you are?!” Jian Wushuang had yet to answer the prime saint when another tyrannical voice interjected.

At this time, another group of people came into the city! Their numbers were great and carried an overbearing momentum, especially the middle-aged man at the front. He had a round face like a full moon with sharp brows accompanied by a soaring temperament — this was the most overbearing style.

“The Jian Clan Master…” Cultivators from the Alchemy Realm shivered after seeing this middle-aged man because he was famous for his bullish attitude. He would protect his clan even if they were at fault!

This was Jian Wushuang’s father. The moment people saw her father, they immediately understood why she was so arrogant and overbearing as well. Like father, like daughter.

“Hahaha, Jian Clan, how prestigious.” Another ancient voice emerged: “What kind of storm can your Jian Clan alone brew?”

One more group entered the city after this voice came about. An extremely hot wave assaulted the entire location. Many people couldn’t withstand this heat wave and had to back off.

“Golden Crow Tribe, no, the Heavenhoof Ravine.” Many people paled at their arrival.

This particular group walked in with a defiant and imperious manner. They did not try to hide their ferocious heat waves as they assaulted the city like tidal waves, as if wishing to melt it completely.

The ravine sent out several thousand experts. They had more people here compared to the Jian Clan and the sea sect. What was even more terrifying was that they had nine paragons in the group.

The worst part was the leading old man. He had a human’s body and a bird’s head while adorned with a feathery robe. His eagle-like eyes were very intimidating as his stare seemed to pierce the hearts of those in his path.

1. To make it less confusing for readers, Virtuous God is the realm for God-Monarchs and Virtuous Ancestor is the realm for Godkings.
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